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We can provide anything from anywhere! we place no limit on what we are able to procure; If the product is available we will find it for you and get it delivered at a competitive price
Some commodities we work regularly:
- Structural Steel, Pipes, beams, channel, plate and sheet, etc.

- Road Safety

- FRP Grating

- Handrails

- Cables

- Heavy Equipment’s & Parts

- Safety and Security equipment

- Granite Stone, Artificial Quartz & Marble

- More

CPS Global is your perfect source:

We Will Assist You During All Stages of Your Projects.

- We research all supply-chain levels to ensure you receive optimal pricing and lead times.

- Our team will take the time to understand and identify your company’s needs and requirements.

- Analyze and identify the best supplier for your company needs.

- Propose the best option & provide fast estimates.


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